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Quality Landscaping

Not only sensory-aesthetic aspects such as landscape and scenery, water, soil, air, animals, plants, etc., it is recognized as a concept including the ecological properties and order which is based the land and natural It, on its, the safety goals of urban development, health, convenience, comfort, place the viewpoint environment can be enjoy equipped created, based on the city-specific natural potential, and human activity of historical and cultural involvement environmental conditions of scientific and technical judgment caused by, I put the emphasis on securing the pursuit and recreation space on the "beauty".

Originally the landscape and have means landscape "e", this does not mean that artist making landscapes and landscape were mean that interpreting the space by selecting a certain viewpoint.

Original meaning is meant plant compounds that grew to view and ground of the earth.

Or pulled raw of living and the active nature, or healing of the green was not water and only a means, you can positioned as a presence that reflect the natural phenomena of among the larger ecosystem, and so on, city and nature , to believe that what is expected in the future a significant role to redefine the relationship between the natural and human Eii.

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