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 The bounty of nature that brings  four seasons

The gifts of nature that causes a change in the four seasons seedlings is love for Japanese culture, you grow.

At the same time with nature are very beautiful, also not have the rigor that does not close everything. Sometimes people have been trying to Overcome naturally.

However Japanese culture from ancient times has been spun the hearts of symbiosis between nature and To continuous.

And ... to be to create and leverage fusion symbiosis the unique space that it in the garden

Heart of this symbiosis is not carefully, and also to never transcend it.

Was watering to take the garden one cool summer, while feeling the cool breeze passing through the blind Kakehi and Suikinkutsu of water sound, seasonal taste that taste through shine four seasons of mica and quartz that feel more alert to the moonlight, and have fun love is sensitive in their five senses I was.

Is not countered naturally, how to take advantage or be fused, natural or incorporate into how taking advantage of house part is a "chic", I have never fun exhausted.

Small Running Title

Small Running Title

It is that to trees pruning

Pruning is done without compromising the original form trees.

So as not to impair the delicate of such taste of branches, or in order to maintain the natural tree form and Kisugata

, Soft, and drastic truncated pruning is also sometimes necessary.

If you leave the faire without the pruning of trees tall tree crown is extended in particular, is the sun to its lower branch

The prudent will not, will also be bad ventilation. Branches of trees withered, the occurrence of diseases and pests will increase.

Given the balance from the perspective of the entire planted 栽樹 between each other and the garden is well sunlight and ventilation, you can try to control so that it can be healthy growth of the entire plant. In this and the Japanese-style garden

Unbindings of "density Rigo" will invite the garden in subtle and profound beauty.

Also I can prevent the occurrence of a certain degree of pests. To get as the resistance to such trees own pest you Unagase also.

Also can improve the per of flowers and fruit, held in the functional surface, such as a hedge is also important.

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